In light of the second-wave COVID-19 lockdown and curfew, we understand that online promotion is more important than ever. We are reaching out to select organizations with a meaningful presence in PSC, understanding their stories and creating a digital mural for sharing on social media. In exchange, these organizations pledge assent to having real life murals in PSC by signing our letter of support. The designs pay tribute to the organization's contribution or presence to the PSC community, elevating spirits and solidarity in this historic neighbourhood of mutual aid and kinship.
If you can relate to most of the following criteria, send us a message through the button below and tell us how and why your establishment can get involved!
- Located in Pointe-St Charles
- Participate in the historical mutual aid network of Pointe-St Charles
- Your business or organization serves the wellbeing of Pointe-St Charles residents
- You aim to improve our neighbourhood environment and engage in community development
- You see value in remembering the immigrant and grassroots history of Pointe-St Charles

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