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We the below signed express our approval and support for the Sud-Ouest Mural Project under the direction of Artruisme Mural Collective (AMC). 
The proposed work to create historical, thoughtful, and impactful murals is in-line with the community values of the Sud-Ouest boroughs where our businesses and organizations are based. As a historically diverse and low-income based neighbourhood, the Sud-Ouest has always treasured the principles of mutual aid, promoting local goods and service suppliers. We support the aim to promote and preserve such establishments via the language of mural art. 
AMC receives our recognition to gather and visually translate the values and needs of the Sud-Ouest borough into mural artworks. We recognize the aesthetic value of these proposed mural works, which would facilitate conversations regarding neighbourhood affairs. We further approve of AMC’s dedication to preserve the historical roots and long-time communal spirit of the Sud-Ouest, while simultaneously propelling positive and sustainable urban development.
By promoting local businesses, social services and charitable organizations through mural art, AMC makes the Sud-Ouest neighbourhood a more welcoming and accessible environment for all current and future residents. In support of their mission, we are happy to play our part of the colourful mosaic that is Montreal.
Businesses / Organizations
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Jenna Schwartz
Andrea Cheung
Brett Ablenas
Carley Evans
Remo Iacovella
Beverly Ostronoff
Grace Li
Loïc Prigent

Ryan Canuto
Donna Chan
Andrew Kerr
Michael Galante
Ann & Cole (@colechetti)
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